Think EH6


Scottish Development International

The Brief: Target CEOs at foreign SMEs (Mainland Europe and the US mostly) with a bespoke DM piece which promoted Scotland as a destination for business growth. The client wanted to send out a pack of seeds – yawn! We said ‘let’s do a better idea’.

The Solution: Instead of boring old seeds, we sent out a little growth kit containing Scottish ‘ingredients’ – a pot, soil and (in a novel twist) a business card impregnated with seeds which was contained the recipients name, business name and here’s the twist the business address based in ‘Scotland’ – with a unique contact number which when then user called put them through to their very own scottish development account handler – also once the user had finished with the card, they were invited plant it in the provided growth kit.

The Result: Planted business cards. Scottish wildflowers a few weeks later. Massive growth in enquiries to SDI within just 7 days.